All the pieces displayed are original Sketches, Watercolors and Manuscripts which were created in the North Compound of Stalag Luft III during 1943-1945, with the exception of the work The Long March which was produced during the camp’s evacuation. The Art is a part of the Wartime Log of RAF F/Lt Raymond Keen, who after arriving in Stalag Luft III in the spring of 1943, was assigned to the North Compound and soon became involved as a penguin and stooge in the preparations for the Great Escape. He took part in the drawing of lots for the hard-arsers, the second batch of escapees, though did not manage to secure a place. Instead, on the night of The Great Escape, he witnessed events as they unfolded and chronicled them in what in the weeks that followed became a secret written narrative called The Tunnel, a real-time, blow-by-blow telling of those momentous few hours.

Such POW Art with proven provenance to the historic North Compound of Stalag Luft III is exceedingly rare and is seldom seen on public sale. For Militaria Collectors around the world this is an opportunity to own an authentic artifact from one of the most legendary episodes of World War II, The Great Escape.